The Frozen Chosen: Summer Camps 2015

Austria Racing Camps – Hugo Nindl


Overview:  We offer also full packages, so including training, lift ticket, hotel, etc. There is also supervision guaranteed for our minor aged athletes, in case that they would like to join us without any accompying adults.

Locations: Austria (Hintertux, Kuehtai, Stubai)

Ages: For all age groups (minimum age apprimately 7 years but depends on skiing level)

Coaches: Oliver Nindl, Christoph Praxmarer, Stefan Zlatarev, Marko Spoljaric, Jessica Neuner, Michal Kalwa and lots more.

Alumni: Mikaela Shiffrin (ÙSA), David Chodounsky (USA), Stephanie Venier (AUT -current vice world champion in Downhill), Werner Heel (ITA – worldcup racer), … and lots more

Dates: Summer Camps Hintertux: June 11th – August 12th, 2017; Slalom-Camp-Special in Skidome Neuss: August 06th – August 20th, 2017; Fall Camps in Hintertux: September 17th – December 02nd, 2017; Winter Camps in Kuehtai: December 3rd 2017 – end of April, 2018

Cost: Price on request as there are different prices depending season period

Contact:; +43 664 17 57 200

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Burke Mountain Academy Summer Ski Camps

Overview: BMA’s France camp is for enrolled U16 and U14 athletes, with extremely limited space for invited athletes with admissions interest. Our Mt Hood camp will include many younger prospective athletes, siblings and invitees. Both camps will focus on technical fundamentals, freeskiing and drill courses, and will work through the same progression. Burke differentiates itself on our “Sizing to Quality” initiative, which means that our camps, as with everything we do, are small, selective and of high quality. We apologize that space is very limited!

Locations: Les Deux Alpes, France & Mt Hood

Ages: U12, U14 and U16 athletes

Coaches: Sam Damon, Matt McKenna, Jeff Sirjane, Crosby Coughlin, Ashley (Davenport) Sargent, Sohier Perry, Eve Routhier, Dom Garand, Tory Amorello

Alumni: Mikaela Shiffrin ‘13, Nolan Kasper ’07, Liz Stephen ‘05 (Nordic), Ida Sargent ‘06 (Nordic), Tommy Biesemeyer ‘08, Ronnie Berlack ’12, Nina O’Brien ’15, Patrick Kenney ’15, Trace Smith ’10, Bryna McCarty ’02, Erik Schlopy ‘90, Jesse Hunt ‘83, Chip Knight ‘93, Diann Roffe ‘85, Julie Parisien Nuce ‘89

Dates: June 17-30; June 10-20

Cost: $2,200, not including airfare

Contact: ; 802-427-8013

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Next season starts now.


There is no better way to get a leg up on your rivals than by logging summer miles on your skis or by getting those legs even stronger through a ski-specific conditioning camp.

Mount Hood is calling. So is Whistler. And New Zealand. They all have summer ski camps designed to enhance skill development and acquisition in the so-called “off season.”

Check out our sweet list of summer ski camps from around the world to find the best fit to help you reach all your competitive goals next winter.

Mt. Hood

Just a short flight from anywhere in the U.S., Mt. Hood in Oregon is a stratovolcano that is home to the Palmer Glacier. Train gates or freeski on the steep upper lanes or the more gradual lower mile at Timberline Ski Area, accessible by two chairlifts, at a maximum elevation of 9,300 feet.


Site of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Whistler in British Columbia has summer skiing on the Blackcomb Glacier that is accessible via two T-bars. You’ll ride multiple chairlifts before you reach the snow, but the picturesque download at the end of the day to the resort village makes it all worthwhile.

New Zealand and Zermatt

For more adventurous skiers seeking a cultural experience coupled with a ski camp, opportunities abound on European glaciers and in the Southern Hemisphere, where our summer is their winter. Wanderlusts belong at these camps in Wanaka, New Zealand; and Saas Fee, Switzerland.

CVA at Les Deux Alpes in France

CVA camp for ski racing

Join CVA as we train this summer at Les Deux Alpes in France.  Les Deux Alpes is known for its large skiable glacier and it is also very popular for mountain biking and hiking. Plus the accommodations and food are great! Camp focus: the focus will be on basic skill development and fundamental movement patterns for SL and GS

Dates:  June 25-July 5, 2017

Ages: U12-U16

Cost: TBD

FMI:  Ron Bonnevie

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ELITEAM Conditioning Camps & Clinics

47 Kew-Vasseur Rd Vermont 05673 


Phone: 802-793-5055

OVERVIEW: ELITEAM Conditioning camps are specifically designed for young athletes (ages 8 to 14). ELITEAM’s unique approach teaches these young athletes the importance of sports physiology, sports psychology and sports nutrition. Celebrating its 26th year, ELITEAM is high energy with non-stop action and is all about pushing limits, learning new skills and having fun. ELITEAM’s goal is simple: to develop healthy, confident and complete athletes.
SPORTS PHYSIOLOGY- PSYCHOLOGY- NUTRITION: Through its hands-on approach, ELITEAM involves the athlete in the education process. Activities such as rock climbing, ropes courses and race situations will be used to teach focus, mental imagery skills and stress management. Running, agility workouts and ski-specific exercises will be used to understand the body’s physiological functions. And by baking bread, energy bars and other healthy snacks, and nutritionally evaluating a variety of foods, the athletes discover how diet can affect their health and performance.

ACTIVITIES: A wide variety of cross-training activities are used to improve each athlete’s power, strength, balance, agility & coordination. Sample workouts include dryland slalom, ropes courses, rock wall climbing, slack lining, ski-specific exercises, obstacle courses, sand pits, hiking, soccer, yoga, cooking, funky dance, circuits, leg routines, USST exercises, and more.

WHO ATTENDS: ELITEAM is for high-energy kids who love the outdoors and are involved in competitive sports. Many of the campers who attend are young ski racers, but any young athlete is welcome. No matter what sport your child participates in, he/she can benefit from the ELITEAM program. Overall, ELITEAM is ideal for kids who are active, outdoorsy, and love a challenge.

GIRLS POWER CAMP (GPC): In addition to ELITEAM’s classic camps, ELITEAM now offers girls-only overnight camps. This program launched last summer and was a huge success! The GPC sessions, lead by Kelley Lewis and an all female staff, remain true to ELITEAM’s commitment of teaching young athletes about Sports Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition. However, at this camp, these topics are viewed through the lens of a female athlete. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a focused path forward in which the girls can more easily tap into their inner strength and confidence, and are inspired to push their limits with a strong body and powerful mind.

GPC “POWER HOUR” WORKSHOPS: In between training workouts, the GPC program includes “Power Hour” workshops designed to inspire personal growth and promote a positive mindset. The workshops teach skills that will help the girls navigate the challenges of their sport and daily lives with a feeling of confidence and empowerment. Sample topics include Self-Awareness, Stress Management, Women’s Nutrition, Body Image & The Female Athletes Body, Support Networks, and Positive Mindset.

CAMPER-COACH RATIO: Approximately 45 athletes attend each of the World Cup and Europa Cup camps, and a maximum of 36 girls attend each GPC session. A 4:1 ratio of campers to coaches at all camps ensures personal attention for every camper.

WHO RUNS ELITEAM: Olympian Doug Lewis, co-creator of ELITEAM camps, is a two-time U.S. Olympian and World Championship medalist. Doug has been extensively involved in World Class athletics as a ski racer, coach, broadcaster, motivational speaker and spokesperson for over 30 years. He has dedicated himself to passing on his winning knowledge of sports and competition to young athletes.


Waitsfield, VT: ELITEAM’s roots run deep in Vermont. The camps began there in 1991 with a tiny group of enthusiastic campers, and have been growing ever since. ELITEAM’s Vermont camps in July are held on the Green Mountain Valley School campus. All campers and staff stay overnight in the dorms. ELITEAM utilizes the academy’s world-class “Race Performance Center” gymnasium (unlike any other in the East!), soccer fields and ropes courses, along with the Mad River Valley’s extensive trails, fields and mountains for training and activities.

Park City, Utah: ELITEAM has offered camps in Park City for several years now, however, no camps are scheduled in Park City for 2017. Looking forward, ELITEAM plans to return with a Day-Camp option (for athletes ages 10-14) in 2018. When running camps in Park City, ELITEAM partners with the U.S. Ski Team to provide exclusive access to the Team’s Center of Excellence facility. ELITEAM uses the Center’s gym, testing equipment, workout rooms, kitchen and classroom. Every afternoon, the athletes hear directly from a U.S. Ski Team guest speaker to learn about a variety of topics, covering the target areas of Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. ELITEAM also utilizes the many recreational fields and trails in and around Park City.



Ski Club ELITEAM Clinics:

ELITEAM provides Clubs with a one or two-day dryland clinic held at the Ski Club locale. Through challenging and fun ski-specific exercises together with some classroom work on Nutrition and Psychology, we motivate and educate young ski racers to hit the Fall training schedule with energy, focus and determination.

Contact: Director Kelley Lewis

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Erich Sailer Ski Racing Camps, Inc.


Phone: 952-431-4477

Overview: Long established ski racing camp, attracting racers from all over the US and Canada. Erich co-founded the first US summer ski racing camp on Mt. Hood in the 1950’s. “Safety first” is his motto and with a lifetime of experience skiing on summer snow, his safety record is excellent. Parents can lodge with their children, if they wish and are also welcome on the mountain.

Intense Slalom and GS training, coached by unmatched coaching staff that are dedicated to working with every racer with the goal of improving their racing skills. Daily videos and analysis, conditioning program. Luxurious accomodations in lush golf course setting with opportunities for recreational activities. Daily video and analysis, conditioning program. check our website at

Location: Mt. Hood, Ore.

Activities: Slalom and GS training, video analysis, ski-specific dryland training, fun.

Ages: 8 – Adult; younger ones after consultation.

Coaches: Erich Sailer Uros Pavlovcic, Sarah Schleper Gaxiola Michael Ankeny, Resi Stiegler, Seppi Stiegler, Paula Moltzan, Giulio Bosca, Jacob Olsen.

Notable Alumni: Lindsey Vonn, Kristina Koznick, Julia Mancuso, Sarah Schleper Gaxiola, Resi Stiegler, Michael Ankeny, Paula Moltzan.

Dates: June 11 to 18 (Session 1); June 18 to 25 (Session 2)

Cost: $ 1,600; rooming extra, see website. Includes six days of lift tickets and coaching; dryland activities; video analysis; transportation to and from the hotel to the hill; and five and a half days of meals. Hotel and airport transportation extra.


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GMVS Mt. Hood Race Camp

Overview: Daily Technical free skiing, slalom and GS training Physical conditioning, tuning and video analysis Functional movement screening Technical and tactical written evaluations Current and former USST members in attendance.

Locations: Mt. Hood, Oregon

Ages: 12-14 Year Olds Boys and Girls

Coaches: Steve Utter – Green Mountain Valley School Alpine Program Director Brandon Dyksterhouse – Former USSA Women’s World Cup Technical Coach

Dates: June 24 – July 3 2017

Cost: $2,800 + airfare


*Application deadline is April 1st. Apply early as enrollment is limited to a total of forty boys and girls.

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Gould Academy U14 Alpine Training at Les Deux Alps

Overview: Summer alpine training camp for current and rising U14s at Les Deux Alps in France. Les Deux Alps offers outstanding conditions on the largest glacier in Europe. Lodging will be at one of several hotels in the village, walking distance to the lift. This is an eleven day camp with one day off snow filled with activities.

Locations: Les Deux Alps France

Ages: Current and rising U14s

Coaches: Rogan Connell, Craig Niiler, Kurt Simard

Alumni: Bump Heldman, Parker Gray, Ben Drummond, Sasha Rearick, Zeke Davisson

Dates: June 22, to July 2, 2017

Cost: TBD

Contact: ; 207-240-5374



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GroundSwell Athletics Spring & Summer Camps



This camp is a great opportunity for college athletes, as well as prospective GroundSwell Athletics student/athletes, to get an introduction to what we do at GroundSwell Athletics. Not only on the skiing side, but also from a business school perspective. We will train in the mornings and have a 1-2-hour introduction to our business school content every afternoon. On the hill: We offer a high-level training environment lead by a former World Cup ski racer, Cody Marshall. Cody and his staff work with athletes to develop fundamental technical and tactical abilities in SL and GS. Off the hill: Bob Bennett, Founder & CEO of private equity firm GroundSwell Resources, will teach athletes the fundamental skills that are necessary to build and grow a business. Athletes will work with a local business owner in Mammoth and create a strategic plan for the growth of their company. A very hands-on approach and practical education. Last spring, our athletes developed a strategic plan for local business owner Tom Cage. Here is an article on that camp:

This camp is an introduction to GroundSwell Athletics. At GroundSwell, we work with students to give them the ability to combine education and career development with the pursuit of sport. This camp is perfect if you are considering a PG year, are a current college athlete, or post-college athlete. There are still spots available for this camp. If you sign up before May 1st you will get a 10% discount on the cost of the camp. I look forward to seeing you at Mammoth!!

Mt. Hood

The Mt. Hood camp is a great opportunity for college athletes, as well as prospective GroundSwell Athletics student/athletes to get an introduction to what we do at GroundSwell Athletics. Not only on the skiing side, but also from a business school perspective. We will train in the mornings and have a 1-2-hour introduction into our business school content every afternoon. On the hill: We offer a high-level training environment lead by a former World Cup ski racer, Cody Marshall. Cody and his staff work with athletes to develop fundamental technical and tactical abilities in SL and GS. Off the hill: Bob Bennett, Founder & CEO of private equity firm GroundSwell Resources, will teach athletes the fundamental skills that are necessary to build and grow a business. Athletes will work with a local business owner from the Portland area to create a strategic plan for the growth of their company. A very hands-on approach and practical education.

This camp is an introduction to GroundSwell Athletics. At GroundSwell, we work with students to give them the ability to combine education and career development with the pursuit of sport. This camp is perfect if you are considering a PG year, are a current college athlete, or post-college athlete.

Locations: Mammoth, California and Mt. Hood, Oregon

Ages: 17+

Coaches: Cody Marshall

Alumni: Megan McJames

Dates: Mammoth June 17-30; June 10-20; Mt. Hood August 7th to August 15th 2017

Cost: $2,300

Contact:; Office: 435-200-4138 Mobile: 435-503-1759

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June Ski Camp at Loveland

Loveland Ski Area, Colorado


Phone: 844-832-6572 ext 704


Come take advantage of LSC’s private Spring Training venue at Loveland Basin! Utilize the invaluable summer time for skiing, without the added cost of traveling far from home. 8 days of skiing spread across 2 weeks of high-quality training and coaching, utilizing gated and gateless training. Low athlete to coach ratio not exceeding 6-1, and extremely limited hill access mean that crowds are limited. Skiing from 7 AM-noon each day in order to take advantage of the higher quality early morning snow. Cost includes lift access. Past coaches have included DU NCAA skiers Sebastian Brigovic and Max Marno. Lodging is not included

Dates: June 5-8 and 12-15

Location: Loveland Ski Area

Ages: U10-U19

Costs: $1699



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Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls

50 Big Sky Resort Rd. Big Sky, MT 59716


Phone: 406-581-4991

Overview:  Through our authentic experiences and dedicated all female coaches, our mission at Keely’s Camp is to empower, inspire, educate, and connect future generations of girls in skiing. Keely’s Camp is the first ski camp for girls in North America. Our all female team of positive female coaches is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience to the next generation of girls in skiing. Our coaches have been where future generations are going. Who better to guide them. We are Girls Moving Mountains!

Tags: @keelyscamp @keelykelleher

Hashtag: #GirlsMovingMountains

Facebook: Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls

Locations: Mt. Hood, Oregon, Montana, Portillo, Iceland

Ages: 8-17 Girl’s Race Camp, 13-18 Girl’s Backcountry Camp, 21 & Older Women’s Camp

Activities: Yoga, hikes, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, stand-up paddle boarding and innovative U.S. Ski Team workout techniques.

Coaches: Alice Mckennis, Leanne Smith, Libby Ludlow, Megan Mcjames, Katie Hitchcock, Chelsea Marshall, Jessica Kelley, Anna Goodman.

Notable Alumni: Katie Hensien, Claire Thomas

Dates: Montana Backcountry Yurt Camp: April 21-23, Mt. Hood Race Camps: Session 1-June 14-19, Session 2 -June 20-25, Session 3 – June 30-July 6, Session 4-July 7-14, Session 5 July 15-22, Ski Portillo Women’s Camp (21 & Older)-August 26-September 2

Cost: Montana Backcountry Yurt Camp: $800, Mt. Hood Race Camps Session 1 & 2- $1,500.00, Session 3 $1,650.00, Sessions 4 & 5 – $1,900.00, Portillo Women’s Ski Camp- $2,775.00

Contact: Keely Kelleher,

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Killington Mountain School Camps

KMS athletic programs run year-round, providing student-athletes with the building blocks they need to reach their goals. KMS racers work throughout the preparation period—the time between the end of one competition season and the beginning of the next—to be ready for that next season’s competitions.

2017 BOOST Summer Camps: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.06.50 AM
Mt. Hood: On snow camp focusing on fundamentals and progression into slalom and giant slalom gate training. This camp will be open to all U10-U16 athletes

Participants: Alpine U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16

Dates: June 23-July 3

Location: Mt. Hood

Lodging: Housing in downtown Government Camp Oregon

Cost: $2800.00 Includes, lifts, lodging, meals and all ground transportation

In Oregon. Does not include airfare.

Deposit: $1,000 by April 15, balance due by May 15. Registrations received

after May 1 cannot be guaranteed pricing. All participants must be paid in full prior to departure

Registration: Online Registration:

For more information contact Greg Hadley, BOOST Alpine Program Director, 802.422.5671 x.266,

Saas Fee Switzerland 

On snow camp focusing on fundamentals and progression into slalom and giant slalom gate training. This camp will be open to all U12-U16 athletes

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.07.05 AM

Participants: Alpine U-12, U-14, U-16

Dates: August 1-15, 2017

Location: Saas Fee Switzerland

Lodging: Housing in downtown Saas Fee Switzerland

Cost: $3800.00 Includes, lifts, lodging, meals and all ground transportation

in Switzerland. Does not include airfare.

Deposit: $1,000 by May 15, balance due by July 1. Registrations received

after June cannot be guaranteed pricing. All participants must be paid in full prior to departure

Registration: Online Registration:

For more information contact Greg Hadley, BOOST Alpine Program Director, 802.422.5671 x.266,


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.07.20 AM

Open to athletes 10-18 years old from all disciplines, Athletic Conditioning Camps give a glimpse into the athletic lifestyle of true athletes, teaching participants how to push their bodies, brains, hearts, and minds to a whole new level, all while having fun. Through gym activities and outdoor exploration such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and more, participants will return to their sport choice with increased focus, agility, conditioning, and awareness of how to reach their personal bests.

​Being an athlete doesn’t start and end at practice; it’s a lifestyle. Spend a week living that lifestyle with our KMS coaching staff and other like-minded peers with SUMMER SESSIONS at KMS. Reserve your spot now!

Summer Sessions Athletic Conditioning Camps: (open to athletes of all disciplines, ages 10-18. Camps include agility, strength, and conditioning activities and work both in the gym and outdoors and offer boarding and day options)

Participants:      10-18 years of age

Dates: Session 1 July 16-21

Session 2 July 23-28

Location: Killington Mountain School

Lodging: Killington Mountain School

Cost: $700.00 Includes lodging, meals and all activities

Deposit: Full payment due by Jun 1. Registrations received

After June 1st cannot be guaranteed pricing. All participants must be paid in full prior to arrival.

Registration: Online Registration:

For any Summer Sessions questions or for more information please contact

Gar Trayner –Director of Athlete Development, 802-422-5671 ext 257

or email

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Ligety Weibrecht Ski Camp

88611 Government Camp Loop Government Camp, OR 97028


Phone: 716-378-7509

Overview: Olympic, World Cup, National Champions as your coaches, including US Ski Team members and alumni. The camp includes coaching from world class skiers, experienced certified staff, video analysis, lift passes, lodging and buffet style meals at the Huckleberry Inn, 2017 equipment demos, soccer, hiking, swimming, optional Deschutes River Trip and more!

Family, group and multi-session pricing with lodging or day training only. Dedicated masters camp. Save and register before May 1st.

Location: Mt. Hood, Ore.

Ages: 8 through Masters 

Dates: Session June 21-27, Session 2 June 27-July 3, Session 3 July 5-11

Cost: Session 1 $1799, Session 2 $1799, Session 3 $1699. Prior 5/1

Coaches: Ted Ligety, Andrew Weibrecht, Dave Chodounsky, Steve Nyman, Megan McJames, Nolan Kasper, Anna Marno, Patricia Mangan with US Ski Team Coaches – Pete Anderson and Scotty Veenis.

Alumni: Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, Max Marno

Contact: Miguel Azcarate 716-378-7509;

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Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps

93732 E Highway 26 Government Camp, OR 97028


Phone: 503-337-2230

Overview: Mt. Hood’s most continuous and longest running summer ski camp: a 35-year tradition of ski racing excellence with world-class facilities, coaching and training facilities. Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps, Inc., is Oregon’s only ski racing camp licensed and bonded as a State of Oregon “Youth Organizational Camp,” permitted under the United States Forest Service, and insured, bonded, and registered as a guide and outfitter under the State of Oregon Marine Board. We have been running the premier afternoon activities program in the Mt. Hood area longer than any other camp and have developed and maintained quality programs for athletes. We have a private campus five miles from Government Camp, which promotes the safety of your athlete while allowing the personal freedom on campus to be kids. Everyone gets better here!

Location: Government Camp, Ore.

Ages: 9-99

Activities: After-skiing activities include whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, swimming, soccer, tennis, trampoline, skate boarding, challenge course, field sports and paintball.

Notable Coaches: Mike Syrovatka, Mike Bansmer, Scotty Veenis, Roger Bay, Dave Ojala

Notable Alumni: Ted Ligety, Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves, Eric Wild

Dates: May 28 – Sept 2

Cost: Sessions start at $1445


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National Alpine Ski Camp (NASC)

27500 E Timberline Road Timberline Lodge, OR 97028


Phone: 800-453-NASC (6272)

Phone: 303-875-1405 (mobile)

Overview:This is a ski camp with a twist. Train GS and SL in the mornings, and do really fun summer sports in the afternoons. Super G training is offered during the first and second sessions. Campers choose from three different after-ski activities each day. Our hand-selected coaches are highly trained in ski racing and coaching and have the passion for coaching young athletes in a safe, fun learning environment. Safety, fun and learning is the NASC philosophy. A six-to-one athlete to coach ratio is used to ensure effective learning for each athlete. Coaches tailor a program for each individual athlete based on their motivation, level of understanding and movement patterns. NASC uses terrain-based learning (TBL) in which a custom wave track is built every season to challenge the athletes’ balance. NASC is the only camp at Hood to do this.

National Alpine Ski Camp 2016 from Ski Racing on Vimeo.

Locations: Mt. Hood, Ore./Timberline Ski Resort (summer); Copper Mountain, Colo. (fall). The NASC summer campus is “The Resort at the Mountain” in Welches, Oregon ( Nestled in the western highlands just 15 minutes from Mt. Hood, The Resort at the Mountain is a premier Oregon ski and golf resort. Its modern luxury condominium custom houses are located on the golf course or on the banks of the Salmon River in very beautiful locations (see pictures at Privately catered with locally grown fresh produce, the camp serves healthy, balanced home-cooked meals. The fall camp is at the Copper Mountain Inn, slopeside at Copper Mountain in Colorado.

Activities: Giant Slalom and slalom alpine summer ski race training, tennis, swimming, croquet, windsurfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, climbing wall, mini-golf, whitewater rafting, hiking, field sports, volleyball, rollerblading, ski tuning, ski video analysis, race tactics and more! Double session campers participate in a day trip to the Oregon coast.

Dates: 10-day sessions: Session 1, June 11 to June 20; Session2, June 22 to July 1; Session 3, July 3 to July 12; Session 4, July 14 to July 23; Session 5, July 25 to July 31 (shorter seven-day program). Double sessions are a 21-day program. Combine any two sessions, and go to the Oregon coast in between sessions. Fall camp session (Copper Mountain, Colo.): Nov. 20 to 26. New offering for 2015: 4-day GS and 3-day slalom camps offered each session. Ski and Golf program for Masters and an international camp: GS, slalom and SG training will be conducted In Hintertux, Austria, Oct. 1-10.

Cost: Overnight: $1795-$2295; Day Program: $1795; Double Sessions: $4495 (all-inclusive); register early because sessions fill up fast. Fall camp: $2295. Three-day slalom camp starts at $695. Prices start at $40/day for the training center.

Contact: Brad Alire, director

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NSA Western Spring & Europe Camps


Alberta/BC (TBA)

NSA Western Spring Camp – April 7-17, 2017 The National Ski Academy (NSA) coaching staff believes that one of the best times to work on improving fundamental skiing skills is in the spring. After a season of high volume it is easier to train your muscle memory for future success. All student-athletes from across Canada are welcome to participate in this exciting training opportunity in Western Canada (TBA).

NSA Western Spring Camp Highlights:

 GS/SG/DH Camp Focus  Race Training Priority

 Big Mountain Free Ski Options in Schedule

 Fully Fenced FIS Sanctioned Slopes

 Coaching from NSA Pro Staff

 Daily Video Analysis/Archive on SPRONGO

 Daily Recovery/Regeneration Schedule on Field and in Gym

 Daily Study Hall  Final Camp Report

 Open to YOB 2003 and older from across Canada.

 Space Limited  Non NSA student-athletes welcome with NSA Head Coach Approval

 Deposit Deadline of $500.00 to NSA by March 10th

NSA Western Spring Camp Price $3500.00* includes:

 Up to 9 Days Red/Nakiska/Sunshine/Pano/Baldy/SunPeaks (best option)

 Return Airfare from Toronto to Calgary or Kelowna

 Ground Transfers

 Lifts/Lanes/Snow Hardener

 Accom/Breakfasts/Dinners

 Professional Coach Support

 *$500.00 Discount for current NSA Student Athletes

 Camp Director – NSA Head Coach Sami Piana

(Excludes Excess/Overweight baggage)

Saas Fee

Since 1986 the National Ski Academy Founder Jurg Gfeller has taken the NSA student athletes back to his home in Switzerland for summer ski camp on the SaasFee Glacier! Over 400 campers later, we are making our camp available to you! Join the best teams in the world for the summer camp of your life. The National Ski Academy (NSA) coaching staff believes that one of the best times to work on improving fundamental skiing skills is in the summer. Before a season of high volume competitions it is best to be prepared for future success. All student-athletes from around the World are welcome to participate in this exciting training opportunity in Europe.

The NSA has been making SaasFee our European home for over 25 years. We get premium hillspace and time slots, have preferential treatment in the whole village and deliver a fully integrated educational and athletic program that is comprehensive in delivery of holistic values and practices

NSA Saas Fee Summer Camp Highlights:

 SL/GS/SG/DH Camp Focus

 Skill Training/Race Prep

Priority  Drill Course/Race Gate/Free Ski Options in Schedule

 FIS Sanctioned Slopes

 Coaching from NSA Pro Staff

 Daily Video Analysis/Archive on

 Daily Recovery/Regeneration Schedule on Field and in Gym

 Daily Study Hall and English High School Credit where required

 Final Camp Repot  Open to YOB 2003 and older from across Canada.

 Space Limited  Non NSA student-athletes welcome with NSA Head Coach Approval

 Deposit Deadline of $2500.00 to NSA by May 1st 2017

NSA SaasFee Summer Camp Price includes:

 Approx 15-40 days on snow (3 & 7 week options)

 Return Airfare from Toronto to Zurich

 Ground Transfers

 Lifts/Lanes/Snow Hardener

 Accommodation & Breakfasts/Lunch/Dinners

 Professional Coach Support

 3-4 Day retreat to Lakeside or Hiking after 3 weeks for 7 week Campers

 Camp Director – NSA Founder Jurg Gfeller

*deduct $800 to delete airfare (Excludes Excess/Overweight baggage)

Register Cindy Hayhurst 705 444 1617/

Locations: Alberta/BC (TBA) and Saas Fee, Switzerland

Ages: Western Spring Camp: 2003 and older; SaasFee: 2005 and older

Coaches: Sami Piana, Martin Wilson, Jurg Gfeller, NSA ALUMNI Special Guests

Alumni: Roni Remi, Caroline Bartlett, Dave Duncan, Griffin Copp, Zach Mayne, Henry Luel, Jackie Atkins, Justin & Tatum Alkier, Larisa Yirkuw, Stefan Overgaard, Graydon Oldfield,  Rodolfo Dickson, Marisa Riopelle

Dates: Western Spring Camp April 7-17, 2017; SaasFee Aug 20-Sep 7 OR Aug 20-Oct 5 , 2017 (3 & 7 week)

Cost: Western Spring Camp $3500.00 (deduct $500 if no airfare required); SaasFee $5750/$8750*

Contact:; 705.444.1617


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Olin/Lacasse Ski Racing School


Phone: 612-819-0186

Overview: Advanced instruction in ski racing from world-class coaches Tony Olin and Josee Lacasse and their acclaimed international staff. Students of all ages are exposed to world-class GS and slalom techniques, presented with tactical evaluation, all in a safe, well-supervised environment. We conduct proven, innovative drills and exercises for the long-term technical development of each racer. We present daily on and off-hill video analysis; highly effective, low student-to-coach ratios; full-length courses and race simulations; cross-training activities enhancing coordination/sport specific skills; equipment and basic bio-mechanical evaluation; conditioning and tuning.

Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon (summer)

Activities: Cookouts, swimming, exploring Oregon

Location: Mt. Hood, Ore. (summer); Vail, Copper Mountain (November)

Activities: Cookouts, swimming, exploring Oregon.

Dates: Mt. Hood: June 27 to July 4, July 4 to 11 (Tuesday arrival and departure); July 12 to 19, (Wednesday arrival and departure). Location 2: Thanksgiving in Vail, Colorado: Nov. 18 to 25.

Cost: $2,000 per session (summer; all inclusive)

Contact: Tony Olin

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Portillo, Chile Youth Race Camp U12 & U14

Keeley Kelleher shreds the weekly giant slalom race at Portillo, Chile on August 30, 2012.

Overview: Get a jump on the ski season and train where the world’s best skiers have been meeting up in Portillo, for the last 50 years! The slopes of Portillo Chile have been home to the world’ s greatest snow sliding athletes since 1966. Join some of the best and most recognized coaches in the US, while we put your young skier th rough the same drills on the same terrain that give athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shi_rin and Ted Ligety a leg up on the competition.Ski Portillo’s race camp if perfect for junior racers travelling with their families to Portillo for vacation and looking to gain some extra skills and time on Portillo excellent snow in the off-season. Whether you are just getting a taste for racing or you have more racing experience, Portillo’s camp is a great place to learn more and improve skills before the season starts; at the same time enjoy a family vacation in one of the most unique and family friendly ski destinations. Along with the camaraderie and the support of a small group environment, participants will be coached by Portillo’s elite ski school team as well as guest experts. Our camp, ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers, is an intensive/holistic program designed to improve skills, gain confidence, learn tactical approaches to varying situations, and make new life-long relationships. 2 sessions per day Slalom and GS Fundamentals Speed Training/Jumping Skills-Quest Training Goal Setting Video Analysis Dryland Training Big mountain / Free skiing Low coach to athlete ratio Cultural experience in South America.

Locations: Portillo, Chile

Ages: U12 and U14 age groups

Coaches: Michael Rogan, Robin Barnes, Simon Marsh, James Winfield

Dates: July 22-29 and July 29 – Aug 5, 2017

Cost: $1,500 USD for each Saturday to Saturday camp

*When you book both weeks of camp in the Hotel Portillo or Octagon Lodge receive 20% discount on your ski week package.

** Campers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian Not included Lodging package, airfare, and transfers. Packages start at $1900 USD per person in the Octagon Lodge. Ski Week packages include seven-night accommodations, four meals daily, up to eight days lift tickets, and access to all the hotels’ facilities. All activities are weather-dependent. All participants must sign up in advance.

Contact: ; 1-800-829-5325

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SBSTA Elite Summer Project

PO Box 68 Norden, CA 95724


Phone: 530-269-7401

Overview:  All SBSTA projects strive to promote athletes’ love and excitement for the sport of skiing while simultaneously instilling the principles of grit, grace, and courage. In addition to sport specific training, all SBSTA camps incorporate fun, skill-based adventures and events. Open to passionate ski racers with a desire to improve their technical and tactical fundamentals in GS and SL. The curriculum is a mixture of free-skiing, focused work on technique, drill/training courses and overall athletic development Project includes high level coaching with low athlete-to-coach ratio, daily video review, discipline specific progressions and timed training. Off-snow conditioning and recovery are also part of the daily program.

Location: Mammoth Mountain, CA

Ages: YOB 2005 and older

Dates: July 10-15, 2017

Cost: $1,600

Coaches: Gladys Weidt, Devin Gill, Trevor Wagner

Alumni: Mark Engel, Katie Hitchcock, Lila Lapanja, Foreste Peterson

Contact:; 530-414-6654

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Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows Spring and Summer Camps

World Cup School of Speed

Current and former World Cup athletes Marco Sullivan, Travis Ganong and more work with a tenured coaching staff to build speed fundamentals, read terrain, understand aerodynamics, with an introduction to air, advanced air and linked progression at speed. Each day’s curriculum includes progressions, video analysis, a BBQ and Q & A with the athletes.

Dates: April 28-30, June 2-4

Cost: $400

Spring Tech Camp Series

Athletes will work on tactical and technical fundamentals in Slalom and GS disciplines, building a solid foundation on a consistent and firm training surface. Camps are designed for U10-U16 & FIS athletes. Cost is $300.

Dates: All May

Ages: YOB 2009-1998.

Squaw Alpine Tech & Testing Camp

Tech camps  at Mt. Hood will all focus on fundamentals through drills, drill courses and full length courses. Ski testing is an option. All inclusive accommodations with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. Training access only option also available. Cost is $1,450.

Dates: June 25-July 2, July 9-16

Ages:YOB 2007-1998

Squaw Alpine New Zealand Tech Camp

Up to 21 days of on snow training in New Zealand on winter snow. Total approximate cost of camp is $5250 (approx) and includes airfare to and from SFO, lodging, meals and training access. Training venues include Ohau and Mt Hutt. Deposit due by April 21.

Dates: July 23-August 16

Ages: YOB 1998-2003

Location: Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, Mt. Hood, and New Zealand

Coaches: Todd Kelly, Mike Prado, Jim Hudson, Anna Goodman, Oliver Russell, Will Colt

Alumni: Marco Sullivan,  Travis Ganong



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Stratton Mountain School Camps

SMS Mt. Hood Camp

Mt. Hood is the first step of a four-camp progression. Athletes travel to Mt. Hood to begin their on-snow preparation period. On-snow training focuses on age-appropriate skill development, technique, and tactics. Mornings are spent on the Mt. Hood snowfield with a combination of free skiing and gate training, while afternoons are filled with a variety of fun fitness-based activities. 9 days on snow.

SMS Conditioning Performance Camp

Join U.S. Ski Team members for an action packed week of conditioning, games, and adventures on the Stratton Mountain School campus. This camp will capture the many components of training young athletes for not only ski racing but also any athletic strength/speed/power sport. Training will utilize the amazing facilities on the SMS campus, including: the newly renovated strength and conditioning facility, the Air Awareness Center, the yoga studio, the field house and the soccer field.

Saas Fee Camp

This camp is targeted toward U12/U14 athletes seeking a highly focused camp opportunity. We have a lot of fun at this camp, while also addressing the development of athletes who are seriously considering Stratton Mountain School as a possible school path. Campers need to be self-motivated, while also being prepared for skiing, ski tuning, and conditioning. We will help guide participants through their camp experience, but glacier training can be especially demanding. A parent must accompany U12 athletes, and both parent and athletes must complete registration forms. A total of eight days on snow.

Locations: Mt. Hood, Oregon, Stratton Mountain, Vermont and Saas Fee, Switzerland

Ages: Hood Camp U12 – U16Conditioning Camp 12 to 16 years old; Saas Fee Camp U12 and U14

Coaches: Jay Ogle (Conditioning); Naga Kusumi (Saas Fee and Hood)

Dates: SMS Hood Camp June 17–29, 2017; SMS Conditioning Performance Camp July 23–28, 2017; Saas Fee Camp August 9–20, 2017

Cost: Hood Camp $3,000 plus airfare; Conditioning Boarding Camper Cost: $795 (Includes meals and lodging) Conditioning Day Camper Cost: $595; Saas Fee Camp $3,000 plus airfare

Contact: ; (802) 733–6928

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U.S. Elite Camps

U.S. Elite Camps, Inc. P.O. Box 1512 Manchester Center, VT. 05255


Phone: 978.505.8443


Overview: U.S. Elite Camp takes pride in offering a high-level ski training program with a focus on fun and safe activities, and a team atmosphere.  In Mt. Hood, campers enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a traditional camp setting featuring wood cabins nestled among fields and trails.

This action-packed camp is ideal for experienced ski racers, aged 10-18 (U12-U19), who love being a part of a motivated team and fun outdoor post-skiing activities.

On hill, athletes train with supportive professional coaches in Slalom and GS free skiing, drill courses and full training courses. Training groups are based on age class and ability, as well as catering to individual learning styles, ensuring a successful camp for everyone.  All training courses are age appropriate and in line with current rules and standards.  The afternoons are fun, team based activities, where campers can choose from rock climbing, yoga, adventure, field games, etc.

Compared with other ski camps, we spend less time hanging out during ‘free time’ and focus more on fun, fitness, and what we came here to do…train!  We strive to offer the best all-round summer ski camp available, and prioritize 24-hour supervision and safety.  Parents can access our online Camp Diary at any time, and rely on our all-inclusive tuition fee, with no hidden costs.  For those traveling from the northeastern region we offer staff chaperoned group flight from Boston and the New York area to Portland.

A few of our notable alumni included; Warner Nickerson (coach)-Ski Racing Magazine contributor and World Cup athlete, Nick Krause- Current U.S. ‘C’ Team athlete, Jeremy Epstein-Global Racing Team athlete, Henry Tomlinson-Global Racing Team athlete.

Some of our Professional Coaching Staff:

Lisa Smith-Director U.S. Elite Camps, Inc.

David A. Edry Head Coach Stratton Winter Sports Club Head Coach

John Borwick Berkshire School Head Coach

Todd Whitney Burke Mountain Head Coach

Matt Stanton, University of N.H. coach

Steve Coltman Stratton Winter Sports Club U12 Coach

Bruce Bedell Ski Roundtop Head FIS Coach

Harriet DeVerry Stratton Winter Sports Club Head U10 Coach

Cory Costello Holderness School U16 Coach

Rick McCowan Wachusett Race Team Head U16 Coach

Camp locations: Mt Hood, Oregon (Summer Camp Sessions)

Copper, Colorado (Thanksgiving Camp)

Stratton, Vermont (December Holiday and Spring SL Camp)

Activities: GS and SL ski race training, rock climbing, field games, hiking, white water rafting, mountain biking, yoga.


Mt Hood, OR.

Session 1:June 25-July 5, 2016 Ages 9-18 (day or boarding campers)

Session 2:June 25-July 10, 2016 Ages 10-18 (day or boarding campers)

Session 3:June 25-July 15, 2016 Ages 12-18 (day or boarding campers)

Copper, CO.

Thanksgiving: Nov. 19-25/26, 2016 Ages 8-18 (day or boarding campers)

Stratton, VT.

Holiday GS Camp: 2016 Dates TBA Ages 10-18 (day campers only)


Mt Hood, OR. From $3150

Copper, CO. From $295/day

Stratton, VT. From $495



David Edry – Head Coach


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Uros Pavlovcic Ski Racing

3906 Saas-Fee Switzerland


Overview: Welcome to UP Ski Racing where Olympian Uros Pavlovcic takes the next generation to the heart of Switzerland. Uros is inspired to help athletes succeed in skiing as well as in life. Besides excellent training at one of the best resorts for summer skiing, UP Ski Racing also offers a great cultural experience for all its athletes.

Since its foundation in 2004, the Uros Pavlovcic Ski Racing camp in Switzerland has earned itself reputation through its huge success. Besides excellent training at one of the best resorts for summer skiing, it also offers a great cultural experience for all its athletes. The Uros Pavlovcic Summer Camp consists of 10 days of skiing and two recovery days. The glacier Saas Fee is one of the best spots for summer skiing where the various national teams train side by side.

There is no better experience than a ski racing camp in Saas Fee with Uros. Train in the beautiful Swiss Alps next to other national teams. Great location. Unparalled training. Superb coaching. – Thomas & Anne Reinhart There were two things that made the camp so useful for my skiing: First is the terrain. Saas Fee has it all…insane steeps and rolling flats. This allows you to work on all aspects of ski racing. Second is the exposure to talent. You will be training next to most of the European National teams. You will be able to see how the fastest skiers in the world are skiing in person and can put what you see to the test in your own skiing. – Michael Ankeny Uros Pavlocic’s camp is best in class and an amazing experience for our son. The coaching is unmatched and the European travel experience is equally great. The kids are training alongside World Cup skiers from across the globe every day and we have seen our son improve and mature every year at camp. – Brian & Ann Folkman

Staff: Uros Pavlovcic, Giulio Bosca, Ann-Kathrin Breunig

Alumni: Michael Ankeny (U.S. Ski Team), Foreste Peterson (U.S. Ski Team), Peter Ankeny (Dartmouth College), Marc Massie (Colby College), Maisie Ide (World Jrs.), Montana Mozario (Whistler Cup), Hig Roberts (US Ski Team), Jessica Reinhard (Colby University)

Location: Saas Fee, Switzerland

Dates: August 1st – August 14th

Cost: $3,300

Contact: Uros Pavlovcic,

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WVBBTS Hintertux, Austria and Summer Dryland Camps


WVBBTS Hintertux, Austria Camp

Get back on snow this summer in Hintertux, Austria! The camps philosophy is to develop the individual athlete at his/her own pace and to instill the hard work ethic both technically on the slopes and athletically through daily conditioning. The camp is conducted on the Zillertal glacier, located in the Tyrol Alps, 1.5 hours southeast of Innsbruck. Hintertux is the summer training site for top World Cup skiers- Austrian, Solvenian, German, Canadian and US ski teams. Lodging is located at the 4-star Alpenhof Hotel! Off hill activities include: Mountain runs, hiking, tennis, soccer, football, swimming, mountain biking, sight-seeing visits to Innsbruck and the legendary Kitzbuhel

WVBBTS Summer Dryland Camp

The Alpine Dryland Camp focuses on the six key qualities of fitness: balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, speed and strength. Campers, who are lead by Tom Barbeau, Waterville Valley Academy’s Director of Human Performance, will use activities such as rollerblading, swimming, ice skating and team competitions to enhance their fitness level. They will also take part in a wide variety of conditioning exercises based on the Burdenko Method of training. The camp is based out of Waterville Valley Academy. Overnight campers will lodge and dine on-campus in the dorm. Campers will have use of the facilities at the Barbeau Training Center and will use Waterville Valley’s extensive network of trails, athletic fields and the surrounding mountains for training and activities.

Locations: Hintertux, Austria and Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Ages: Austria: U12 and older; Dryland: 10 and up

Austria Coaches: Peter Stokloza, Tom Barbeau, Phil Godwin, Matthew Found, Dave Lorrey

Dryland Coaches: Tom Barbeau, WVBBTS/SEF Director of Human Performance

Dates: Austria: June 20-July 1, 2017; Dryland: July 17-21

Cost: Austria: $3,995; Dryland: $725 Overnight, $390 Day Camp

Contact:; 603-236-4246

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